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High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Operation Precautions and Analysis of the Causes of Excessive Current

Ⅰ. Precautions for the operation of the high and low temperature test chamber

1. When using a large-scale high and low temperature test box, ensure that it is a safe and definite grounding device to prevent electrostatic induction.

2. When the box is in operation, do not check it by hand, to prevent electric shock accidents or being injured by electric fans, which will cause risks.

3. When the equipment is in operation, please do not open the tailgate at will, otherwise it will cause the following adverse effects:

①The moisture in the high temperature breaks through the box;

②The inner side of the tailgate still maintains a high temperature;

③High temperature gas will trigger fire alarm and cause errors;

④During the whole process of the test, the power switch box will damage the refrigeration compressor to a certain extent. Unless specified in the test, it is recommended that customers do not switch the power supply frequently during the whole test process.

4. Lighting lamps should be turned off at other times except when they must be turned on.

5. The installation site of the dry bulb temperature medical gauze must be appropriate to obtain accurate air humidity.

6. When the large-scale high and low temperature test box is running, prevent the refrigerator from being turned off and then turned on within 15 minutes.

7. For the power circuit isolation switch and overheating protection device, such as maintenance machinery equipment that shows the life safety of the tested product and the operator, detailed inspection must be carried out on time.

8. When performing ultra-low temperature operation, when the temperature is 60 ℃, open the tailgate after drying for about 30 minutes, so as not to endanger the measurement time of the later experiment or cause the evaporator of the air conditioner to freeze.

9. The machine staff cannot maintain and inspect the equipment. And in the inspection, in addition to the staff, there are also technical installation electricians and power line maintenance personnel, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock accidents caused by unknown personnel performing plug-in reclosing.

Ⅱ. What are the reasons for the excessive current of the high and low temperature test box?

1. The power supply voltage input to the high and low temperature test box is too low, reducing the allowable working voltage value, resulting in excessive starting current.

2. The power and current of the compressor in the high and low temperature test chamber have increased, but it has not yet reached the "holding shaft" or "stuck cylinder", resulting in the electric motor not reaching the rated speed, making the compressor unable to rotate, and causing the starting current to be too large.

3. The refrigeration system of the high and low temperature test chamber is affected by external factors, such as the condenser is close to the wall, there is too much dirt on the pipe, the natural air junction effect is poor, and the hot air cannot be emitted.

4. Sudden power failure or sudden power call, the interval is short, and when the high and low pressures in the system are not balanced, it will cause great difficulty in starting and cause the compressor to generate excessive current.

5. The refrigerant in the compressor of the high and low temperature test chamber leaks, the temperature is difficult to drop, and the motor keeps rotating, resulting in excessive current.

6. The failure of the starting relay will cause the thermal protector of the high and low temperature box to lose the capacity and cause the current to be too large.