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The Advantages and Precautions of the Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

The walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber can be applied to aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical, electronic products, and various electronic vital parts to test their performance indicators under high and low temperature or humid and hot environments. But do you know the advantages and operation precautions of the walk in humidity chamber? This article will share with you.

1. Advantages of the walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber

(1) It has a brand-new perfect appearance design and the advanced technology level of Germany and Japan.

(2) The walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber is suitable for the test when the product is large or the product test volume is large.

(3) Standard combined design with stainless steel plate and salted steel plate as the main materials.

(4) The walk-in constant temperature humidity chamber can be designed according to the size of the customer's needs and cooperate with the customer's factory expansion.

(5) It has an indoor openable safety door latch and leakage circuit breaker protection device.

(6) Synchronous safety control of the test power supply and safety protection device of the product under test.

(7) The humidity water adopts the new type RO reverse osmosis water filter automatic water supply device.

2. Precautions for operating the walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber:

(1) When the equipment is in operation, the load in the box should not be overcrowded. The air circulation in the box should not be affected to ensure uniform temperature and humidity in the box.

(2) When there is no need for lighting in the box, the light switch should be placed in the "off" position to extend the life of the lamp.

(3) After the equipment is transported in place, it should be left for 1 to 2 days before starting up, so that the compressor in the refrigeration system can work normally and prolong its service life.

(4) Frequently wipe the tank wall and the surface of the tank to keep it clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not use acid, alkali, or other corrosive solutions to wipe the outer surface.

(5) When the equipment is being transported, the inclination angle shall not be greater than 45 degrees to avoid damage to the refrigerator system.

(6) Use distilled or purified water when using the humidifier. Add a few drops of detergent when there are deposits on the transducer, wash it with a soft brush and rinse with clean water.

(7) When the water tank of the humidifier is disassembled and added water, the water in the base must be poured out to avoid overflowing.

(8) After the equipment has landed, it should be leveled if the ground is uneven.

(9) The maintenance and repair of equipment should be carried out by professionals to avoid accidents.

(10) The environmental oven equipment must be connected to a grounded power socket.

(11) When the equipment is shut down and not in use, it should be treated to avoid damp. The specific method is as follows: remove the humidification system, pour out the water in the drip tray at the bottom of the box, set the temperature at 40℃, run for 5 hours, and open it every two hours. Once the door releases the moisture, pull out the power plug and store it after the treatment.

The above is all the content of the advantages and operation precautions of the walk-in constant temperature and humidity chamber.Yuan Yao 26