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Analysis of Product Applications of Rapid Rate Temperature Test Chamber

1. Application of Rapid Rate Temperature Test Chamber

Rapid rate temperature chamber is suitable for testing various performance indicators of aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical equipment, electronic products, and various electronic components under high temperature, low temperature, and rapid changes in the environment.

2. Introduction of the Rapid Rate Temperature Chamber Body

1) The entire chamber body adopts an integral structure.

2) The inner side of the rapid rate temperature chamber body is made of 1.0mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, the outer side is made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic, and the insulation material is ultra-fine glass insulation cotton.

3The sealing of the door is made of double-layer silicone rubber sealing material.

4) The observation window is a multi-layer conductive film tempered hollow glass, with a size of 350x500mm. To prevent frost on the glass at low temperatures, a built-in special safety voltage heating wire is wrapped around the heating belt powered by 36V, and equipped with a lighting lamp for observation.

5) With a plug-in φ50mm test hole on the side of the rapid rate temperature change chamber body. The plug material is low-foaming silicone rubber, which can withstand high and low temperatures and has insulation properties.

6)A air conditioning cabinet is installed at the rear of the working chamber of the rapid rate temperature chamber to accommodate equipment such as humidifiers, evaporators, electric heaters, fans, fan shells, etc.

7The temperature sensor is placed at the air outlet.

8The rapid rate temperature chamber adopts the up-air supply and down-return air supply method for the refrigeration system.

The Rapid Rate Temperature Change Chamber is designed to test the durability of your product in these environments during long-term storage or operation. Temperature cycles between high and low temperatures accelerate thermal fatigue of points, seals, and connections in the product. The temperature rise rate of the chamber body is 3℃/min, 5℃/min, 8℃/min, 10℃/min, 15℃/min, 20℃/min, or 25℃/min, linear or non-linear.

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