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Do You Know Why Vacuum Oven Needs to Be Vacuumed Before Running?

As is known to all, a vacuum oven is a kind of box-type drying equipment for drying materials under negative pressure. It takes advantage of a vacuum pump for air and moisture extraction to form a vacuum state in the working chamber, reduce the boiling point of water and accelerate the drying speed. Do you know why a vacuum oven needs to be vacuumed before it can be used? Let's tell you the reasons.

1. The test item is put into the industrial drying oven for vacuuming in order to remove the gas that can be extracted from the workpiece material. The gas will get expand when heated once heating the workpiece first. Due to the excellent sealing of the oven, the huge pressure generated by the expanding gas may make the tempered glass of the observation window burst, which is a potential danger. This danger can be avoided by following the procedure of vacuuming first and then heating.

2. If following the procedure of heating first and then vacuuming, the heat will inevitably be brought to the vacuum pump when the heated air is pumped out of the vacuum pump, resulting in an excessive temperature rise of the vacuum pump, which may reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

3. The heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, which will generate a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the specified operating temperature range of the vacuum gauge, it may cause an indication error for the vacuum gauge.

Attached is the correct usage: vacuum oven manufacturer advises you to vacuum first and then heat up. If it is found that the vacuum rate has decreased after reaching the rated temperature, add the pump appropriately, which will help extend the life of the vacuum oven.

This article explains why a vacuum oven should be vacuumed before it can be used, we do hope it can help you.