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Product Structure of Drug Stability Testing Chambers

Here is some knowledge of stability testing chambers.

1. The mechanical structure of the drug stability test room: It is mainly composed of the circuit control system, the room insulation system, the air circulation heating system, the humidification water system, and the cooling and dehumidification system.

2. The drug stability testing chamber adopts a combination of theme and control system, and the internal volume can be customized non-standard. The completely independent control system is convenient to move and disassemble, and is easy to use.

3. The indoor box of the drug stability test is made of SUS#304 stainless steel plate, and the outside is made of cold-rolled steel plate and painted, which is beautiful and generous; the insulation layer is made of PU foam, which has strong heat preservation.

4. The control system of the drug stability testing room adopts a programmable touch screen controller, which is convenient for operation; users can also connect to a computer to control the machine through a communication interface.

5. The refrigeration unit of the drug stability test chamber adopts imported compressors, and uses environmentally friendly refrigerants and imported refrigeration accessories.

6. A large observation window is installed on the door of the drug stability test room, which can facilitate the observation of the test state of the test sample. Equipped with an anti-lock system to ensure that personnel can open the door from inside the box.

7. The drug stability test chamber has a 50mm diameter test hole on the left side of the body, which can be used for external test power lines or signal lines. If there are other special requirements, non-standard customization is available. The adjustable air deflector design effectively improves the uniformity of temperature and humidity distribution.

9. The drug stability test room is equipped with a number of safety protection devices such as: leakage circuit protection, over temperature protection, phase failure protection, water cut protection, current overload protection, pressure overload protection, compressor overload protection, temperature deviation and deviation Protection, etc., and equipped with sound and light alarm or SMS alarm and other prompt operations.