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Operation Method Of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

A thermal shock chamber is necessary for test equipment for metal, plastic, rubber, electronics, and other material industries. It is used to test the structure of materials or composite materials. 

This type of environment testing equipment can tolerate the continuous environment of extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperatures in an instant In order to detect the chemical change or physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time.

1. Do not open the door to take the test samples during the test. High temperatures will burn your hands.
2. Never test explosive samples.
3. After the experiment, wait for the machine to cool down before taking out the sample.

4. Turn off the cooling water in time after the experiment.

Operation Steps:
1. Check before starting
2. Whether the cooling water is turned on.
3. Whether the test sample is put into the test chamber.
4. Whether each power supply is connected well.

Turn on:
Open the metal door under the control panel, press the power switch, the control panel lights up.

1. After turning on the power, touch the setting prompt on the control panel directly with your hand.
2. First click "program setting", and set the experimental conditions required by the sample to be tested in turn according to the prompts.
3. When doing a sample test with the same conditions as the previous experiment, click on the "Already established" button and select the existing program from which to proceed.
4. After all conditions are set, return to the "Run" interface and click the "Start" button.

1. After the test, turn off the power switch.
2. Remove the experimental sample half an hour after the end.

Hope the above steps can help all of you to use thermal shock chamber.

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Thank you.