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Analyze and Solve the Problem of Water Leakage in a Large-scale Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

The design of the box structure of the large-scale constant temperature and humidity chamber has both advantages and disadvantages. When used for a long time, parts will be damaged. Have you ever noticed this phenomenon: in some years of long-term use of large-scale constant temperature and humidity, there will be a water leakage problem in the chamber. 

This article will analyze and solve the problem of water leakage in the large constant temperature and humidity chamber:

1. Check the waterway to see if the water inlet valve is too large, resulting in too much water. If it is, simply turn the water valve down;

2. Check whether the replenishment time in the laboratory is set too frequently, which causes the replenishment amount to be too large. If so, just increase the replenishment interval and reduce the frequency to solve it;

3. Check whether the floor of the constant temperature chamber is flat because the angle of inclination is also a factor that causes the water imbalance of the wet bulb tube so that the water drips down. If this situation exists, we only need to move the equipment to flat ground to use it;

4. Check whether the water level box on the right side of the laboratory is too high, causing too much water to enter. At this time, you need to adjust the position of the water level box. It is recommended to communicate with a professional technical engineer when adjusting the water level box, then act on related actions.

The above is the analysis of this article to solve the problem of water leakage in the large-scale constant temperature and humidity chamber.