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Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber

The rapid temperature change test is used to determine the adaptability of the product in storage, transportation, and use in a climate with rapid or slow changes in high temperature and low temperature. The test process is based on normal temperature → low temperature → low temperature stay → high temperature → high temperature stay → normal temperature as a cycle. The severity of the temperature cycle test is determined by the high/low temperature range, residence time and number of cycles.

The rapid temperature change test box stress screening is the use of temperature acceleration techniques (the product will expand and contract alternately when operating within the upper and lower limit extreme temperature) under the design strength limit of the product to change the external environmental stress, so that the product could produce thermal stress and strain, by accelerating the stress to make potential defects in the product emerge (potential component material defects, assembly defects, process defects), to avoid the failure of the product when subjected to environmental stress during use, cause unnecessary losses, and have a significant effect on improving product quality and reducing the number of repairs.

It is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic vitality parts to provide reliability test, product screening test, etc. The rapid temperature change test is a necessary test in the fields of aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research and other fields, and determines the adaptability of the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic, automotive electrical appliances, materials and other products after the temperature environment impact changes in the high and low temperature test, which is suitable for schools, factories, military industry, research positions, and other units. As one of the temperature and humidity chamber manufacturers, Yuanyao provides rapid temperature change test chambers with good quality.

The express temperature change test box is mainly divided into linear rapid temperature change and nonlinear rapid temperature change. The differences between them are as follows:

Linearity means that there is a linear function relationship between temperature and time, that is, there is a linear relationship between them. If the temperature rise and fall rate of the customized rapid temperature change test box can reach 3℃/min, after setting the corresponding rate on the controller, the temperature rise or fall will change according to the set rate for every 1 minute increase. Its heating rate and cooling rate are fixed per minute, and the fastest can reach 3°C/min.

Non-linearity refers to the average temperature change during the time period when the set temperature is reached during the entire temperature rise and fall process. It refers to the temperature increase or decrease by a few degrees per minute during a period of work. It is controlled by the heating system and refrigeration system PID of the equipment itself.

Features of the product:

  • A single device can perform multiple tests such as rapid temperature change, condensation test, low temperature test chamber, and temperature and humidity cycle.

  • The refrigerant of the refrigerator adopts environmentally friendly refrigerant.

  • Temperature change rate: 3℃/min, 5℃/min, 7℃/min, 10℃/min, 15℃/min, 20℃/min optional.

  • According to the user's actual load, heat, and temperature change rate, special designs can be made for customers.

  • This type of product is mainly aimed at the simulation test of temperature and humidity environment of military industry, electronic products and components and aerospace materials.