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The Detection Method of the Power of the Walk-in Chamber and the Requirements for the Site

Ⅰ. The detection method of the power of the walk-in chamber

At present, since most manufacturers adopt the H.320 audio coding standard organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the environment in which the equipment is located and the quality of the product have produced great differences. The working efficiency of the constant humidity test chamber has been improved, and we have effectively tested the performance of the product. The following is the testing method of the product:

1. Detection of gravity aging performance of good or bad quality

When the technical indicators of different coatings are obtained from the equipment test, we should investigate various factors, especially make research and analysis on some of the long-term storage. It shows that the gravity aging performance most directly shows that the experimental results increase rapidly with the value of the storage time.

2. Standard current and voltage proportional detection

Because of the different specifications, the quality of the equipment is different in all aspects. According to the principle that the direction of the AC pulse voltage changes, the direction of the excitation current also changes, so that the equipment is demagnetized. When the magnetic line changes from a curve to a straight line, a current appears. When the voltage increases in the opposite direction, it means that the voltage increases with the current.

There are many factors that cause the power drop of the walk-in chamber, such as: density, resistance, volume, etc., but because of the slow development of the process, the effect is small, and it did not bring much side effect to the efficiency of the equipment, so that it was not included in the detection list.

Ⅱ. The site requirements and precautions of the walk-in chamber

Walk-in chambers are widely used in industries such as auto parts, aerospace, semiconductor chips, and electronic components for product quality testing. Then after purchasing the walk-in chamber and going back, what should the installation site need to prepare in advance?

1. The distance from the left, right, rear and top of the walk-in chamber equipment should not be less than 80CM, and the distance from the front to the wall should not be less than 150CM. This is mainly for:

A. It is convenient for follow-up staff to repair, maintain and maintain the equipment.

B. It is convenient for people to move around.

C. It can play a good heat dissipation effect on the walk-in chamber.

2. Check the relevant dimensions of aisles, corridors, elevator doors, and laboratory doors in advance. These dimensions need to be larger than the external dimensions of the walk-in chamber equipment, so that the laboratory can be successfully installed, debugged, and trained.

3. The laboratory must be kept at room temperature (25+5°C) with good ventilation.

4. The laboratory needs to be equipped with power supply, air switch, copper core wire, etc. in advance (the size of the copper core wire depends on the size of the equipment, so the power supply, air switch, and copper core wire need to be consulted with the equipment supplier).

5. An autotransformer should be installed where the power supply voltage is too low to increase the voltage to the rated value, so as not to burn the compressor motor because the voltage is too low to start.

6. Please use a special switch for the power switch. Do not use the same SW plug with other electrical machinery. Do not place the soft cord on the floor or in a wet place to avoid stepping on it or leakage.

7. It is strongly recommended to install an air conditioner in the laboratory to keep the temperature constant; install a ventilation device to achieve the purpose of air circulation. This is beneficial to the service life and performance stability of the equipment.