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The Test Operation Steps of Walk-in Chamber

Ⅰ. The use of walk-in chamber

The walk-in chamber simulates the changes of temperature and humidity in natural weather, and can also realize extreme high temperature and low temperature scenarios, and conduct high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dry and other weather resistance tests on the test items.

After the test items undergo temperature changes and changes in air humidity in nature, some aging phenomena will occur, which may affect the performance of the items. The walk-in chamber is used to simulate this environment to accelerate the aging results, and then based on aging to improve the performance of the product.

When carrying out the walk-in chamber, the test should be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures in the operation manual to avoid inaccurate test results.

Since the walk-in chamber has high temperature and low temperature tests, it is necessary to comply with the test operation specifications to conduct the test, so as to avoid scalding the staff due to high temperature, or affecting the normal operation of the sensor due to high temperature and low temperature.

Ⅱ. The test operation steps of the walk-in chamber are as follows:

1. Open the door of the test box, first put the support bar of the test sample rack into the bayonet in the box, and then place the material rack on the support bar.

2. Place the required test materials on the material rack (in order to ensure that the tested materials are consistent with the temperature and humidity in the test box, a certain distance should be maintained between the test samples, and the air outlet and return air outlet of the machine should not be blocked. The total volume of the material It cannot exceed 2/3 of the volume of the test box, and the total weight of the material cannot exceed 35kg/m3).

3. When checking that the machine power supply wiring is correct, turn on the main power switch at the back of the machine.

4. Turn on the power switch (POWER) on the panel and the controller starts to display, and then operate on the controller, see the controller operation manual for details.

The constant temperature and humidity chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humidity conditions. The temperature range is as low as -73°C, the high temperature is up to +180°C, and the humidity range is 10%~98% RH. Used when constant climatic conditions (temperature and/or humidity) are required for product testing. The constant temperature and humidity chamber can also be used for high and low temperature alternating tests of various materials. Chambers range in size from small benchtop boxes for testing small components to full walk-in rooms large enough to accommodate semi-trucks and trailers.

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