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Test and Life Analysis of Walk-in Chamber

Ⅰ. What tests can be done in the walk-in chamber?

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber can simulate various environmental conditions and test the heat resistance, humidity resistance, dry resistance and low temperature resistance of various products and raw materials. It is suitable for printing, electronic metal and other industries.

The equipment can simulate high temperature, low temperature, hot and humid environment, that is to say, the equipment can do the following tests:

1. The walk-in chamber has the function of closing the humidity. This equipment can be used for both high temperature and constant temperature tests and low temperature and constant temperature tests.

2. It can also do high and low temperature tests. The device can turn off the humidity function, and it can become a technically sophisticated high and low temperature test chamber for high and low temperature tests and experiments on test products.

3. The equipment can also do temperature and humidity test, which is also the most important test function of the constant temperature and humidity test box, and carry out temperature and humidity tests on the test products.

Ⅱ. The life of the walk-in chamber

Will long-term use of the walk-in chamber reduce its life? Don't worry, we will tell you some maintenance methods that can prolong its life.

The most expensive part of the walk-in chamber is the compressor. Regularly check the exhaust temperature of the main engine. When the temperature is close to 98°C, the oil cooler must be cleaned; if it is found that the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle, they must be stopped and replaced. Cleaning water separation clean the dust on the surface of the air suction port of the motor and the surface of the shell; clean the oil return filter; the constant temperature and humidity sample should be wiped with anti-rust oil frequently to ensure that the water level is sufficient and there is no shortage of water; when the wet cloth turns yellow, it should be replaced in time; Clean the appearance of the walk-in chamber, keep the ground around and at the bottom of the fuselage clean at all times; remove impurities inside the working chamber of the walk-in chamber, and dry the chamber to keep it dry.

The performance of any condenser equipped with a chiller will gradually decrease over time, and as a result, the condensing pressure of the system will be higher than the condensing pressure during normal operation. In order not to degrade the performance of the condenser, the condenser needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and free from dust sticking to its fins.

The above are some correct maintenance methods that we have sorted out based on experience. Only in this way can the walk-in chamber exert its maximum performance.