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Do You Know the Importance of Daily Maintenance of Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber?

There are many articles on the Internet dedicated to maintaining constant temperature and humidity; however, very few operators can do maintenance. The operator did not seriously deal with the occurrence of the problem and attributed the responsibility to the quality of the constant temperature and humidity chamber. In fact, it was caused by the operator's failure to maintain a constant temperature and humidity chamber. As long as we keep the equipment regularly with the correct maintenance method, the constant temperature and humidity chamber will rarely fail during long-term use. The daily maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is vital. Next, we will share the daily maintenance methods of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber with you.

The first point: Be sure to use pure water for humidification.

The second point: This constant temperature and humidity chamber cannot be placed in a place exposed to water or sunlight.

The third point is divided into the following points:

1. This machine must be operated by designated personnel to avoid premature damage to the device.

2. This machine cannot be used for heating or testing baking. If the test of flammable, explosive, and corrosive items must be carried out, the danger must be considered, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary losses, or the machine cannot reach its test purposes.

3. The amount of test object placed must not affect the air volume loop of the test chamber; otherwise, it will affect its performance.

4. When using, the door must be closed tightly; otherwise, the temperature and humidity will leak out, and the performance will not be achieved.

5. After the positive temperature test is over, the operator must move backward in the direction of opening the door when opening door to prevent a large amount of temperature and humidity from pouring out of the temperature humidity environmental chamber and hurting people.

6. When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the inside, the item is not allowed to touch the glue edge of the door to prevent the glue edge from being damaged and shortening the life.

7. The ground around the fuselage and the bottom should be kept clean at all times to prevent a large amount of dust from being sucked into the unit to cause accidents and reduce performance.

8. The refrigeration system is the core of this machine. Check all copper pipes for leakage once a year. If oil leaks from the speaker interface and welding port, please notify our company or deal with it directly.

9. The condenser of the freezer should be cleaned of dust regularly. The dust attached to the condenser will cause the high-pressure switch of the compressor to trip and generate an alarm. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is generally cleaned every six months. After turning on the machine, use a hard brush or blow it clean with a high-pressure air nozzle.

10. The high-current contacts of the switchboard should be overhauled every six months. The loosening of the contacts will put the entire equipment in a dangerous working state and may burn out the components. In severe cases, fire, alarm, and personal injury may occur, which is very dangerous.

11. The humidifier and the water tray should be cleaned frequently to avoid scale formation and affect steam emission. Generally, it is cleaned once after the test is completed. After washing with a copper brush, flush it with water. Timely removal of scale will help extend the life of the humidifier tube.

12. The wet cloth of the wet and dry bulb should be checked frequently. If it does not absorb water, it should be replaced in time, which is related to the accuracy of the humidity test. Generally, it is replaced once every three months.

13. Do not debug the two over-temperature protectors in the distribution box have been adjusted at the factory randomly, which protects the heating pipe and humidification pipe from burning and water shortage alarms.

14. The water pipe in the waterway is a device that is easy to block and leak. Please be sure to check whether there is any leakage or blockage. If there is any, please eliminate it or notify us in time.

15. After the product test is completed, the product must be taken out in the power-on state, and the staff must wear dry, electricity-proof, temperature-resistant gloves to pick and place the product.

16. Non-full-time personnel of the machine are not allowed to repair and inspect the machine. During the maintenance and inspection, it is necessary to be carried out by full-time personnel. Simultaneously, there must be guardians to supervise to prevent unknown personnel from powering on and closing, causing electric shocks, injuries, and fire accidents.

17. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by modifying this machine without consent during the use.

18. We are not responsible for all consequences caused by operations that do not follow the precautions and requirements of the manual.

The fourth points:

1. The power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year, and an industrial vacuum dryer should be used to remove the dust in the room during the cleaning process.

2. The outside of the constant temperature and humidity chamber should also be cleaned more than once, and use soapy water to wipe it off during the cleaning process.

3. The internal impurities should be cleaned up before the constant temperature and humidity box is used.

Regular maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is important whose requirements for all aspects are strict. Operators are requested to follow the standard provisions of the operating instructions.

The above are all the contents of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber's daily maintenance method.