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Safety Protection Device and Service Conditions of Hot and Cold Shock Test Chamber

Ⅰ. Safety device for cold and heat shock test chamber

1. Compressor pressure is too high.

2. The compressor has overheated.

3. There is an over-current in the compressor.

4. A pressurized circulating cooling water supply

5. The temperature in the cold and thermal stress test chamber is too high, resulting in inadequate protection (controller built-in).

6. Protection against too high or too low temperature in the temperature shock test chamber, and protection against the test chamber door.

7. Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection relay, leakage circuit breaker, test power control terminal, external alarm output terminal, cold and thermal shock test chamber

8. Protection switch for cold and heat shock test chambers, high/low greenhouse over-temperature protection (built-in controller).

9. Motor temperature protection and relay for circulation fan heat.

10. Pressurized air pressure switch, exhaust valve, cold and thermal stress test chamber.

Ⅱ.  Service conditions of cold and heat shock test chamber

1. Good ventilation and a flat floor.

2. There are no substantial vibrations in the vicinity of the cold and thermal environment test equipment.

3. There is no strong electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the device.

4. No flammable, explosive, corrosive, or corrosive chemicals or dust in the vicinity of the apparatus.

5. Equipment for cold and hot shock testing at the drainage floor drain.

6. The ground's weight-bearing capacity must be at least 800kg/m2.

7. Environmental conditions: temperature: 5°C to 35°C; relative humidity: 85%. Air pressure: 86kpa to 106kpa.

8. Cooling water temperature: +30°C for circulating cooling water.

9. Cooling water pressure: circulating cooling water supply pressure: 0.25MPa 0.4MPa; cooling water piping system design and construction should ensure that the chiller inlet pressure under the rated flow is 0.25MPa 0.4MPa; chiller outlet to cooling water tower pressure drop of not more than 0.05 MPa.

10. Cold and heat shock test chamber on the requirements of the storage environment: the temperature of the environment should be maintained within 0-45 ℃ when equipment does not work; when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the water stored in the equipment should be discharged clean, so as not to freeze the water in the pipeline and thus rise bad pipeline.

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