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Humidity and Water Quality Requirements of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Everyone knows that humidity and water quality are significant to the constant temperature&humidity test chamber. If the water is unclean, it will affect the test; but do you know what water quality is required for the constant temperature&humidity test chamber? Next, we will share the humidity and water quality requirements of the constant temperature humidity test chamber with you.

Actually, using tap water is ok. The effect of humidity with tap water can meet the requirements of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, but if tap water is used for a long time to make humidity, it is easy to produce incrusted in the water pipe, and impurities in the tap water will also be absorbed into the surface of the product. Also, the water tank will be dirty. Therefore, as a test chamber manufacturer, we recommend that you do not use tap water when using a temperature&humidity test chamber; it is best to use pure water or distilled water. Because the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is equipped with back water reuse device, so the test water cost will not be consumed too much, and it is better for water pipes, water tanks, waterways, and other parts. Of course, as long as you change and wash it frequently, tap water is also ok. Both RO deionized water and distilled water are pure water, which does not affect the test results.

The above are all the requirements for the humidity and water quality of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber that we shared with you.