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Fault Causes And Maintenance Method Of Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber

The rapid temperature change test chamber is suitable for the adaptability test (shock) of the equipment of national defense industry, aviation industry, automatic spare parts, automobile parts, electronic and electric instrument spare parts, electrical products, plastics, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and related products under the sharp change of ambient atmospheric temperature. However, the equipment will break down when it is used for a long time. Do you know the causes of fault and maintenance method of ess test chamber? Next, I will illustrate the causes of fault and maintenance method:

1. The damp heat test shows that humidity in practice reaches 100% or practical and policy humidity vary greatly with much lower value. The former may be aroused by the monotonous gauze on the wet bulb sensor, which is required to check if the water tank of the wet bulb sensor lacks water. The level in water tank is in active control of a level controller. To check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal, and whether the water level controller works normally. The other is probably due to the long use of the gauze or the purity of the water supply, which will harden the gauze, unable to absorb water and monotonous. It can be changed by just replacing or cleaning the gauze. The latter is mainly because humidification system does not work. Please check the humidification system of water supply system and whether there is a certain amount of water in water supply system. It is suggested to control the normal water level and running of humidifying boiler. If all the above is normal, then check the electrical control system which requests professional repair personnel for maintenance.

2. As for the high temperature test, if the temperature change fails to reach the test value, please check the electrical system and clean the defects one by one. If the temperature rises slowly, it is necessary to check the wind circulation system to see whether the conditioning baffle of the wind circulation is open normally, otherwise, check whether the motor operation of the wind circulation is normal. If the temperature has fierce overshoot, it's necessary to adjust the PID preferences. If the temperature rises directly and overheat is maintained, the controller is defective and the control surface must be replaced.

3. When the equipment still presents defects in the test, the corresponding defects on the control surface will be displayed and there will be sound alarm prompt. The operator can quickly check which kind of defects belong to in the chapter of cleaning the defects in the operation and application of the equipment, and then ask the professional to clean the defects quickly to ensure the normal operation of the test. There will be other phenomena in the use of other environment test equipment, which requires specific analysis and cleaning for specific situations.

4. If the low temperature fails to reach the test, it's required to investigate the change of temperature. If the temperature drop slowly or has a tendency to rise after reaching the certain value. For the former, it has to check if the working chamber is dried before low temperature test to place test samples into the chamber and test since the chamber keeps monotonous, or whether the samples are too much in the working much that makes inadequate circulation of the internal wind. After making sure the above reasons, think about the flaws in the refrigeration system which demands professional personnel from temperature chamber manufacturers for maintenance. The latter is caused by the poor operating environment of the equipment. The environmental temperature and location of the equipment (the distance between the chamber and the wall) should meet the requirements (there are rules in the operation and application of the equipment).

These are what I share with you to explain the reasons and maintenance method for the rapid temperature change test chamber.

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