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Purchasing Principles and Daily Maintenance of Walk-in Chamber

Ⅰ. The principle of purchasing a walk-in chamber

The walk-in chamber can accurately and approximately simulate the external environmental conditions experienced by engineering products in the process of use, storage and transportation within a certain tolerance range.

1. Every time the walk-in chamber conducts a reliability test, there are strict regulations on the category, value and tolerance of environmental factors. We must exclude the penetration of environmental factors that are not required for the test. Among them, in order to judge the failure mode of the product after the test and provide an exact basis, it is required that the environmental test equipment is not allowed to add other environmental stress interference to the tested product except for the specified environmental conditions.

2. The walk-in chamber can be used for multiple tests of the same type of product. In order to ensure the comparability of the test results obtained under the environmental test conditions stipulated in the same test specification, it necessarily requires the environmental conditions provided by the environmental test equipment to be repeatable.

3. The walk-in chamber, especially the reliability test, has a long test cycle. During the test, the test personnel must often operate or test around the site, and our equipment is safe, reliable, and easy to operate. , easy to use and long working life, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the test itself.

Ⅱ. Routine maintenance and maintenance of walk-in chamber

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is also called walk-in chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber, constant temperature and humidity testing machine and constant temperature machine. It is resistant to cold, humidity and dryness, and is mainly used for quality inspection of aerospace, automobile, electronic and other products.

1. The refrigeration system of the walk-in chamber is the core of the test chamber. Please check all the steel pipes for leakage at least once a year. If there is oil leakage in each joint and welding joint, it should be dealt with in time.

2. The wet and dry bulbs and wet cloth should be checked frequently. When the surface of the test cloth is not clean or hard, or after the temperature is controlled above 85°C, continue to do the temperature and humidity control. After inspection, please replace it if it does not absorb water. It is related to the accuracy of the test. The test cloth is generally replaced once every three months. When replacing it, we need to wipe the temperature measuring body with a clean cloth. clean.

3. When taking the product after the test product time is up, it must be in the shutdown state and the staff must wear dry, anti-electricity, and moisture-resistant gloves to take and place the product.

4. The ground around the fuselage and the bottom of the walk-in chamber should be kept clean at all times to avoid accidents and performance degradation caused by a large amount of dust being sucked into the unit.