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The Role of Rapid Rate Thermal Cycling Chamber in Electronics Testing

Electronic components are the foundation of a machine. During use, they may fail due to inherent defects or improper control of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the reliability of the whole batch of components and to meet the requirements of the machine, it is necessary to exclude the components that may have initial failures under the conditions of use. Rapid rate thermal cycling chamber has an indispensable role in the testing of electronic components.

High Temperature Storage

Most of the failures of electronic components are caused by various physical and chemical changes in the body and surface, which are closely related to temperature. When the temperature rises, the chemical reaction speed is greatly accelerated, accelerating the failure process. So that defective components can be exposed and eliminated in time. High-temperature screening is widely used in semiconductor devices to effectively eliminate failure mechanisms such as surface contamination, poor bonding, and oxide layer defects. After using rapid rate thermal cycling chamber for high temperature storage, the parameter performance of components can be stabilized and the parameter drift in use can be reduced.

Electrical Power Testing

Under the combined effect of thermoelectric stress, many potential defects on the component body and surface can be well exposed, which is an important item for reliability screening. Various electronic components are usually refined under rated power conditions for a few hours to 168 hours. Some products, such as integrated circuits, cannot just change the conditions, but can be operated at high temperatures to increase the working junction temperature and achieve a high-stress state. Power refining requires a rapid rate thermal cycling chamber with specialized test equipment.

Temperature Cycling

Electronic products encounter different ambient temperature conditions during use. Under the stress of thermal expansion and contraction, components with poor thermal matching performance will easily fail. Temperature cycling screening utilizes the thermal expansion and contraction stresses between extreme high and low temperatures to effectively reject products with thermal performance defects. Commonly used component screening conditions are -55~125℃, 5~10 cycles.

The Need for Component Screening

In the manufacturing process of the product, due to human factors or fluctuations in raw materials, process conditions, equipment conditions, the final product does not all achieve the expected inherent reliability. In each batch of finished products, there are always some products with some potential defects and weaknesses, which are characterized by early failure under certain stress conditions. The use of rapid rate thermal cycling chambers can test whether electronic components can work reliably.

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