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How to Deal with the Malfunction of Vacuum Meter Pointer of Lithium Electric Vacuum Oven

When the lithium battery vacuum oven is used for a long time, some glitches sometimes occur. For example, do you know what to do when the pointer of a lithium battery vacuum oven's vacuum gauge fails? Next, as a vacuum oven manufacturer, we will analyze the handling methods when the lithium battery vacuum oven's vacuum gauge pointer fails.

First, turn on the vacuum pump's power and turn the vacuum valve on the lithium battery industrial drying oven to open, draw air, and close the air release valve at the same time. Note that the lithium battery vacuum oven is powered on but not turned on. However, why did the vacuum gauge still indicate "0" after pumping for a long time? 

There are many reasons for the problem. For example, the vacuum pump lacks oil and its suction is not enough, the pipe connecting the box body is aging and leaks, and the sealing of the door is not good enough. When pumping a vacuum, the power does not need to be turned on. Otherwise, the vacuum pump filled with hot air can easily be damaged! There are seams inside the box, and some water needs to be placed in the machine when vacuuming. Two people need to flip the instrument to check where there are bubbles. If your operations are correct, then the immediate confirmation is whether the machine has passed the warranty period. If not, let the vacuum oven manufacturer check.

We share all the information with you about how to deal with the malfunction of vacuum meter pointer of the lithium electric vacuum oven.