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Precautions For Daily Use Of Industrial Vacuum Oven

The industrial vacuum oven is composed of a high vacuum degreed pump, a cabinet, a working chamber, an electric heater and a digital thermostat. It can work stably under the set vacuum degree, suitable for vacuum drying of medicine, chemical industry, electronics, apparatus, materials and parts. The shell of the oven is sprayed with SPCC which is exquisite and delightful. In daily use, for such sophisticated and high-end environment test equipment of industrial vacuum ovens, it needs more care, protection and safe use to better improve production efficiency and prolong the service life of vacuum ovens. Next, the article will share with you the matters needing attention in daily use of vacuum ovens:

1. The industrial vacuum oven should be placed on a smooth ground with enough space around to allow the door to open freely; Do not pile up sundries all around and do not pile up inflammable and explosive objects within 10 meters.

2. The temperature in the test chamber will often rise to a high level when using the industrial vacuum oven. So, the test products need to be inflammable and neither explosive articles nor chemicals with flammability and volatility should be put into the oven.

3. In case of any abnormality, smell and smoke in the process of using the industrial vacuum oven, please turn off the power immediately. The user should not blindly repair the oven but ask the repair department of the industrial oven supplier for professional personnel to check and repair. (It is a normal phenomenon that there will be peculiar smell and a small amount of smoke when the new industrial vacuum oven is opened for the first time. Please observe it once or twice. If it keeps happening, please call our customer service center for consultation.)

4. The inner wall and the surface of the equipment should be wiped frequently to keep clean and increase the transparency of the glass. Don't wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

5. If not used for a long time, unplug the power cord to prevent the device from damaging people. Please keep running for 2-3 days regularly (general first quarter) according to the service conditions to remove the moisture of the electrical part and avoid damaging related devices.

The above is the information refering to the daily use of vacuum industrial oven notice which we share with you.

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