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Functional and Structural Advantages of Aging Test Chamber

Ⅰ. Product purpose of aging test chamber:

Aging test chamber is widely applied in the aging test of power, electronic devices, computer, communication, biological pharmaceuticals, simulation of a testing equipment in high temperature and bad environment directing at high performance products. It is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability as well as the important production process for enterprises to enhance product quality and competitive ability.

Ⅱ. Structural advantage of age tester:

1. The aging test chamber is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with UL1581, which is mainly used to test the fire protection of insulation or covering body. The burning testing equipment has the advantages of high accuracy, automatic timing, automatic completion of the test, horizontal and vertical combustion integration and so on.

2. It also has automatic open and close exhaust system, large area viewing window, lighting device, flame calibration system, automatic blowtorch positioning system, etc.

3. PLC+ touch screen control, centralized panel, simple and convenient operation. Requested by VW-1, FT-1 and FT-2 in LU1581, ASTMD5025 and ASTMD5207

4. Add colored steel plate on the base at the bottom of the room to ensure the floor bearing weight, and set the sealed fire door. The observation window adopts T5 transparent tempered glass structure and the sealed door and window will not leak temperature outside. There are 4 40W explosion-proof floodlights in the room for indoor lighting.

Ⅲ. Advanced and reliable freezing and control system of age tester:

Imported European and American completely closed compressor, imported environmental refrigerant, world famous brand refrigeration devices, imported LCD touch screen controller, friendly interface, easy to learn operation. The walk in test chambers of high and low temperature has the function of stopping power cut, power cut cold boot, power cut hot boot, fault alarm and alarming at the end of the test.

Ⅳ. Performance features of age tester:

1. Accurate temperature control with high precision. The temperature of the whole room can be highly uniform, much higher than similar products due to the unique air duct system design and electric control system.

2. The setting temperature the room is wide range and continuously adjustable. It can be ste arbitrarily within room temperature +5℃- 60℃ (room temperature +5℃- 85℃). The higher temperature product can be designed under the special request from customers.

3. The system has complete protection functions, which can ensure the safe, stable and trouble-free operation for a long time.

4. The structure design of the laboratory is advanced and reasonable, and the supporting products and functional components have the advanced level of leading peers, which can adapt to the long-term, stable, safe and reliable production requirements. It can meet users' requirements for processing and production for the above purposes, which is easy to use, operate and maintain and with long service life, beautiful shape and good user interface, making the users' operation and monitoring more simple and intuitive.

5. The main parts of the equipment are selected from famous test chamber manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure the quality and performance of the whole machine.

The above is what Guangdong Yuanyao Test Equipment Co.,Ltd. shares about the functional and structural advantages of age tester.