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The Reliability Tests Required By The Automotive And Accessories Industry

Automobiles are complex products composed of thousands of parts and have to pass various severe environmental conditions (transportation, storage, work, weather ... etc.), So the reliability of auto parts and their finished products is very important. Next, let us introduce what kind of test mainly be needed in this industry.

The Reliability Tests Required By The Automotive And Accessories Industry

What is the relation between environment and automobile and auto parts?

EnvironmentInfluence on the product
High temperatureAging, gasification, cracking, softening, melting, expansion and evaporation
Low temperatureBrittleness, icing, shrinkage and solidification, mechanical strength decrease
High relative humidityCorrosion, electrolysis
Low relative humidityDehydration, brittlement, shrinkage, mechanical strength decrease
Low pressureMechanical default,sealing problem
Corrosive airCorrosion, electrolysis, surface degradation, increased conductivity, increased contact resistance
Rapid temperature changesOverheating causes crack deformation and mechanical failure
Accelerated vibration or impactComponent abrasion increases structural damage

Therefore, we need to an environment testing equipment as below:
Temperature humidity cycle test, rapid rate temperature test, salt spray corrosion test, waterproof test, dustproof test, thermal shock test, etc.