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Features of Constant Temperature and Humidity

1. The constant temperature and humidity chamber has a high-quality appearance, is processed by CNC machine tools, and uses a flat non-reaction handle, which is easy and simple to operate, safe and reliable, and has a beautiful and novel appearance.

2. Rectangular multi-layered glass window, large observation window with an illuminating lamp to keep the box bright, and clear observation of the test product in the experiment at any time, the window has a sweat-proof electric heater device to prevent water condensation and water droplets.

3. The door of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is insulated and tightly sealed by double layers, which can effectively isolate internal temperature leakage.

4. This environment test equipment has an external water supply system, which is convenient to supplement the water supply of the humidification barrel and it has to recycle function.

5. The compressor circulation system can effectively remove the lubricating oil between the condenser tube and the capillary tube.

6. The control components and interfaces are very stable and have a long service life.

7. With automatic calculation function, the temperature and humidity change conditions can be corrected immediately so that the temperature and humidity control is more accurate and stable, and the inconvenience caused by manual setting can be reduced.

8. During setting or operation, if an error occurs, there will be a warning signal.

9. The controller has a recording signal terminal output, which can be connected to a temperature recorder.

10. The constant temperature chamber can be connected to the remote monitoring and recording system.

11. The controller can edit multi-segment programs and it can control temperature and humidity rapidly.

12 The built-in movable pulley is easy to move and place, and it has a strong positioning screw to fix the position.

13. It is equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment.