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Working Principle of Three-zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers

The three-zone thermal shock test chamber is mainly composed of a high temperature storage room, a low temperature storage room and an impact temperature test room. Knowing the operating principles of the three chambers of the thermal shock test chamber plays a vital role in how to scientifically operate and reasonably protect the three-zone thermal shock test chamber.

1. High temperature storage room in thermal shock test chamber

The central controller uses the temperature sensing element to detect the real-time signal, and then compares it with the set temperature signal, and obtains the comparison signal. The output signal of the meter logic circuit controls the time ratio of the solid state between on or off, and adjusts the heating and the output power of the device, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control.

2. Low temperature storage room in thermal shock test chamber

The temperature status of the thermal shock test chamber is determined by the operating status of the heater, evaporator and the fan in the air duct. After the refrigerant flowing out of the expansion valve and entering the evaporator in the operation room, it absorbs heat in the operation room and vaporizes, so that the temperature of the operation room is lowered. The vaporized working fluid is sucked in by the compressor and compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, which enters the condenser and is condensed into liquid. After passing through the screening program and throttling through the expansion valve, it re-enters the evaporator in the operation room to absorb heat and vaporize. Then it is sucked and compressed by the compressor. This reciprocating operation reduces the temperature of the thermal shock test chamber to the set temperature requirement.

3. Shock temperature test chamber in thermal shock test chamber

The high and low temperature air valve is automatically controlled by the instrument, and it switches between high and low temperature test chambers, and forms a closed circuit air circulation system with the high temperature chamber or the low temperature chamber, so as to quickly reach the target temperature of the test. The forced axial flow "dispersive" operation in the operation room can greatly improve the fluctuation, uniformity and other parameters of equipment operation.