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Do You Know the Maintenance of Vacuum Pump of Electric Vacuum Oven?

The vacuum pump is the most important component in the electric vacuum oven, but a small number of people pay attention to it, which leads to many failures. Do you know the maintenance items of the vacuum pump of the electric heating vacuum oven?

Next, as the vacuum oven manufacturer, we will share the maintenance items of the vacuum pump of the electric vacuum oven with you.

The maintenance items for the vacuum pump of the electric vacuum oven are:

1. Keep the pump clean and prevent debris from entering the pump.

2. Maintain the oil level in the pump of the industrial drying oven. Vacuum oil cannot be mixed with engine oil for use and should be replaced in time if it is contaminated.

3. During use, the water content or other volatile substances in the pumped gas are too high. If it affects the ultimate vacuum, consider changing the oil. When changing the pump oil, first turn on the pump and run it for a few minutes to make the oil thinner and release dirty oil; while draining the oil, slowly add a small amount of clean vacuum pump oil from the air inlet to flush the inside of the pump cavity.

4. In case of increased noise of the vacuum pump or sudden seizure, the power supply should be cut off, and the inspection should be performed quickly; if there only has the buzzing of three-phase motor but the vacuum pump is not working, the power supply must be cut off quickly to check whether the engine is running without phase and check whether the line or connection point is loose.

5. Disassembly of the series of pumps:

(1) Drain the oil;

(2) Loosen the air inlet flange screws and pull out the air inlet pipe;

(3) Loosen the flange screws of the gas ballast valve (if there is a gas ballast valve), and pull out the gas ballast valve;

(4) Remove the fuel tank;

(5) Remove the check valve split pin and pull out the check valve impeller;

(6) Remove the hexagon socket screw connecting the support and the pump, loosen the fastening screw of the pump coupling, and draw out the pump body;

(7) Loosen the two pump cover screws, carefully remove the pump cover, and pull out the high and low rotors and rotary vanes;

(8) Clean the parts to be installed.

6. Assembly sequence of this series of pumps:

(1) Install the rotary leaf spring on the rotary vane, insert it into the rotor slot, install the advanced rotor, install the advanced pump cover, pins, screws, and keys, and rotate it by hand. There should be no blockage and obvious sense of weight;

(2) Refer to the method of installing the high-level rotor in the previous step and install the low-level rotor;

(3) Install the check valve components, adjust the check valve head and the oil hole plane; the horizontal height is 1.2 mm. When closing, the check valve head should tightly seal the oil hole; otherwise, it will easily cause oil return;

(4) Reinstall the exhaust valve plate;

(5) Reinstall the pump body, key, and coupling back on the support;

(6) Install the fuel tank, reinstall the gas ballast valve (if there is a gas ballast valve) and the intake pipe.

There are all the maintenance items for the vacuum pump of the electric vacuum oven that we share with you.