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Maintenance Precautions and Maintenance Knowledge of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Ⅰ. Precautions for maintenance of thermal shock chamber

The maintenance and maintenance of any equipment is very important, but when it breaks down, it is necessary to carry out troubleshooting and repair in time, otherwise more serious failure or destructiveness will follow. For example, when the cold and hot shock test box fails, in order to ensure safe use, it must be repaired in time, which is conducive to the effective way of working of the cold and hot shock test box. However, before we implement maintenance, we must be prepared for the following conditions. Only under these conditions can we use them to work better.

1. Defining the point of failure

No matter where there is a problem with the thermal shock chamber equipment, we must find out their fault point before repairing it, which is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the entire repair process and repair mode. Of course, if the fault point cannot be found in time, then we have to eliminate it one by one, so as to find the fault point more conveniently while ensuring safety.

2. Maintenance in professional mode

When we repair the cold and heat shock test chamber, we must pay attention to the maintenance not to be carried out by non-professionals, and at the same time, we cannot carry out maintenance with non-professional maintenance concepts, otherwise it will cause extremely serious consequences. The maintenance of this test box must be carried out by professionals and in a professional mode. Only in this way can we better grasp the problem of the fault point and the safety and effectiveness of re-use.

Ⅱ. Maintenance knowledge of thermal shock chamber

1. The hot and cold shock box is fixed to be maintained every quarter. Because of the long-term test, a lot of dust and small particles will adhere to the condenser, evaporator, and circulating fan blades, so the relevant parts should be regularly inspected. Cleaning is conducive to the good use of equipment.

2. The cold and hot shock box should check the water system regularly, especially the water-cooled water tower needs to be cleaned every 3 months to prevent sediment, scale, leaves and other substances from clogging the pipeline and damaging the compressor.

3. If the cold and hot shock box is not used for a long time after the test, it is necessary to turn off the power and then wipe the inner wall of the working room, because the inner wall is wet and the parts are likely to age and shorten the service life.

4. When the cold and hot shock box is shut down for a long time and is not in use, it should be tested once a month on a regular basis, and the power-on time should not be less than half an hour, and check whether the relevant parts of the equipment are operating normally.

5. If the cold and heat shock box needs to be relocated, contact the technical personnel of the manufacturer and proceed under the guidance of the technical personnel to avoid damage to the equipment. If the customer relocates by himself, a professional electrician must be hired to confirm that the circuit is correct before starting the operation. Otherwise, it will burn out the related components of the equipment.