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The Difference between Two- and Three-box of Cold and Hot Impact Test Box

Everyone knows that there are two-box and three-box versions of the thermal shock test chamber; but do you know the difference between the two-box and three-box thermal shock test chamber? In fact, it is not only the difference in appearance, this article will analyze the difference between the two- and the three-box of the thermal shock test chamber:

1. The difference in the staying phase:

The two-box thermal shock test chamber: there is no temperature retention stage, only high and low temperature retention, and there is obvious overshoot in the early stage of high and low temperature retention.

The three-box thermal shock test chamber: there is a normal temperature staying stage. Due to different control principles, the high and low temperature and normal temperature staying stages are similar to the curve of a sine function.

2. The difference in functions:

The thermal shock test equipment: there are two boxes, a high-temperature box, and a low-temperature box, with a hanging basket in the middle. The sample is placed in the hanging basket during the test, and the hanging basket refers to the high-temperature box during the high-temperature test, on the contrary for the low-temperature test. Because the sample is quickly put into a pre-cooled low temperature room or a pre-heated high temperature room, it becomes 12 embryos. When the temperature falls sharply, the structure is compact and the volume is generally small. At the same time, the conversion time is short. So the product needs to be moved during the test. It can be used as a thermal shock box, a separate high temperature box, or a separate low temperature box.

The three-box thermal shock test box: there are three boxes, a high-temperature box, a box where the sample is placed, and a low-temperature box. When testing high temperatures, the high-temperature box door is opened and the low-temperature box door is closed.

When testing low temperature, the door of the high temperature box is closed and the door of the low temperature box is opened. When it is room temperature, which is convenient for taking and placing samples, the product does not move to reduce the impact of product movement on the product, and some sensitive electrical signal monitoring lines can be connected. In this situation, the conversion time is relatively long.

In general, when the high and low temperature conversion time of the two-box thermal shock test chamber goes faster, it can test the adaptability of this product to the instantaneous change of ambient temperature compared to the three-box type.

The above is all the content of this article about the difference between the two-box and three-box thermal shock test chamber.

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