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Knowledge about High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

1.  What is the thermal shock test?

The thermal shock test (TST) is a testing technique for testing the resistance of materials to extremely high or low temperatures. This situation is similar to the situation of discontinuously in high or low temperature, it can make various items complete the test in the shortest time. The chemical changes or physical damages in TST are caused by changes in thermal expansion and contraction or changes in other physical values. The effects of TST include electrochemical changes caused by product cracking or cracking and displacement. For example, some metal materials, such as low- and medium-strength steels with body-centered cubic lattices, when their service temperature decreases, their plasticity, and toughness decrease sharply, making the material embrittlement. 

The TST system can be used to achieve this conversion temperature, such as the thermal shock test box, also known as the high and low temperature test chamber. They can be used for material research and industrial manufacturers' batches or electronic and electrical parts, automation parts, semi-finished products, metals, chemical materials, communication components, defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB-based electronic chips, and test their performance. The degree to which it can be tolerated in an instantaneously high and low temperature continuous temperature change environment is to test the chemical changes and physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction under the conditions of rapid temperature difference.

2. Introduction of the high and low temperature test chamber

The high and low temperature impact test chamber is divided into a three-box gas thermal shock test chamber, two-box gas thermal shock test chamber, and liquid thermal shock chamber according to test requirements and test standards. The gas heat and cold shock test box are used to reach the temperature of the box through air circulation, and the two-liquid heat and cold shock test box are used to test the product through liquids of different temperatures.

The difference between the two-box type and the three-box type is the test method and internal structure. The three-box type is divided into a cold storage room, a heat storage room, and a test room. The product is placed in the test room during testing. The two-box type is divided into high-temperature greenhouse and low-temperature greenhouse. The motor drives the basket to switch between high and low temperatures. The product is placed in the basket and moves with the basket.

Customers can choose the solution that suits them according to their needs. Yuanyao can provide a variety of different designs of high and low temperature test chambers. Welcome to inquire.